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5 pillars of business transformation

A guide to structuring a business transformation programme

In today’s office environment, the complexities of simplifying business models and driving efficiencies is becoming increasingly difficult especially with the hype of digital including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But without solid foundations, any type of transformation, be it digital or business, becomes a challenge. It’s important to look at the business and seamlessly intertwine […]


Why the UK Government digital strategy is more about business transformation than digital.

Although the recently published UK government’s digital strategy differs from that of the digital strategies of Uber, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, it is a step in the right direction but needs to be bolder. The government’s digital strategy is about improving services for citizens and rightly so, but now emphasises business transformation, which has in our view […]


Why a data driven business is more likely to succeed through the digital age.

Does your data mean anything? Not knowing what to do with data is challenging and this is where most businesses are failing. Daniel Newman’s article on Closing The Gap Between Data And Understanding will provide an insight into understanding why big data is challenging. As we learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI), we could look […]

How fostering a growth mindset will cultivate a company’s culture to digital success

It’s not all about technology, alignment of culture and strategy is essential for any business yet building a better culture for growth is not a top priority for CEOs. Leaders should look to be creating a cultural growth mindset with a shared mission and vision which runs right through the organisation extending capabilities leaving no […]

Digital Transformation strategy should include AI

Why it matters to leverage Artificial Intelligence for business transformation.

As humans, we do not prefer to interact with chatbots and bots yet businesses are leaping into embedding Artificial Intelligence like chatbots into their products and services. Transformative technologies are evolving incredibly fast and the deployment of bots across all industry sectors: financial, motor, retail, food and public sector have created a shift in the […]

Digital Transformation will often fail with the existing culture.

Digital Transformation can often fail due to the existing organisational culture and structure. There’s no point in implementing digital tools and new technology in an organisation if the staff do not feel confident and will not champion the transformation, especially if they see no value. After all, it is the people within an organisation who […]

New Ways of Working initiatives that every manager should know about

Bringing together technology and people in the workplace seamlessly is the New Way of Working introducing flexibility to employees and increasing staff morale, resulting in productive teams and delivering savings. What determines the success of New Ways of Working Programme? The greatest challenge that is faced by project managers when implementing New Ways of Working […]