Project Management Office (PMO)

Running multiple cross-functional projects can be challenging at the most of times for strategic leaders and managers, which can quickly run into risks and over budget.  A PMO can alleviate some of the issues and risks that increase the failure of the projects. A PMO should provide the leadership team, project managers and wider employees through this change working collaboratively to embed change and guidance.

What is a PMO?

A PMO is the Project Management Office established to help coordinate multiple projects within guidelines using tools and techniques to deliver excellence in projects, within an organisation. The objective of the PMO is to provide best practice implementation for projects and delivery.

The PMO office is set up to ensure benefits realisation, quality control and cost management.

Our experience in setting up PMO’s in large organisations  increase performance, reduce resources, time, efficiencies and money at the same time setting standards for the organisation in guiding them to deliver effectively. A PMO runs differently in every organisation depending on the number of projects, scope and timescales. If you are running multiple projects at the same time and need to link strategy with implementation, then a PMO is precisely what you need.

With many organisations embarking on digital and business transformation, it’s essential to establish a PMO. Most digital transformation projects are implemented and executed with the help of a PMO. Executive heads of PMO support the board being part of the strategic programme team leading business processes defining the business processes and overseeing the execution of strategic roadmaps delivering new capabilities colleagues.

The role of the PMO uses project management methodologies, establishes performance guidelines,  define standards and reduces project risks.

The PMO should incorporate strategic alignment, governance, processes and support portfolio software.

Transformation,  digital or business, a PMO setup correctly can make a difference to the organisational success of delivering projects.

The PMO office is set up to ensure benefits realisation, quality control and cost management.

Why setup a PMO?

Ineffective planning can increase the rate of project failures, but the PMO with the right tools and processes and can help guide projects in he right direction.

The shift towards digital, organisations is working on transforming their operational efficiencies managing change, as change becomes the constant. A PMO will set the priorities and standards for an organisation.

The reasons to setup a PMO include:

  • Development and maintenance of project plans.
  • Preparation of project reports including status reports,
  • RAID logs and project dashboards.
  • Project tracking analysis of finances and budget information across the project portfolio.

Our project portfolio finance tools allow organisations to drive savings.

If you require a consultant to help establish your PMO our consultants can develop and maintain project plans, prepare project reports, RAID logs and project dashboards, finance budgetary tracking and analysis.

What we do:

  • Delivering transformation change in organisations
  • Developing organisational capability (people, processes, technology, knowledge)
  • In digital transformation, developing methods and a planning timetable to ensure Technology strategy supports Corporate strategy.
  • Strategic thinking, innovation, strategy development and execution, planning and decision-making in an in a complex geographical/functional matrix organisation.
  • Leading the introduction, operation and improvement of a global
  • Presentations for senior management
  • Supporting the project management team with ad-hoc requirements
  • Setting the standards for projects and assure correct quality control, programme deliverable, including planning and mitigating risks.