What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation is the change of an existing state of an organisation to a future state which delivers optimisation and better outcomes. This could be changing the culture of an organisation or it could be changing the technology to improve the productivity of an organisation. An interesting article “Why Digital Transformation will often fail with existing culture” explains that it is the people within the organisation that need to successfully transition from the innovative and adaptive stage of digital transformation. In our view, it’s important to create a cultural growth mindset to ensure successful business transformation.

Examples of Business Transformation including Nike, McDonald’s and Pizza Express can be found in this Business Transformation Examples; Success Stories

With this in mind, all the components i.e. people, processes and technology of a business transformation programme need to be addressed to enable a sustained successful transformation programme. Businesses like Walt Disney, Google and Nike have built their organisations on simply getting the people and culture right for success. The people part is the most challenging and you can read examples of organisations including Walt Disney and Nike in this article: “How fostering a growth mindset will cultivate a company’s culture to digital success.” There are five pillars to Business transformation and for further reading on these pillars you can read our article to help structure your business transformation: ” A guide to structuring a business transformation programme

According to Gartner only 25% of businesses have adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) and expect 85% of businesses to have adopted AI by 2020. It’s evident from these stats that organisations are not sure how to take the next steps of Business Transformation.

In today’s digitally connected world, change is inevitable and to thrive as a business or organisation change must be successfully implemented to improve employee productivity, customer experience, reduce costs and increase revenue. In an ever competitive era, it is imperative to successfully transform the way your organisation operates.

The Complexity of Business Transformation

Business transformation is complex and if not implemented in the correct way then the results can often cause unnecessary issues. Thriving in a digitally connected world has its challenges but business transformation doesn’t have to be an obstacle to your organisation. If implemented correctly, the benefits and impact can profoundly change your organisation.

Modern Ways of Working Initiative

Modern Ways of Working is an initiative that we have implemented and run through organisations looking to change. Having helped numerous large and small organisations our vast experience and expertise allows us to implement business transformation successfully.

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