Croydon Case Study

Digital and Business Transformation at the Heart of Croydons Flexible Working

Croydon Council aimed to prepare and change the culture of its 2500 employees to move to new office accommodation, adopt flexible working and becoming more efficient.

The Challenges

Digital cultural change for employees. Change in working practises for employees. Introducing better ways of working with technologies. Technology logistics.

Our Approach

We put in place programme controls to ensure oversight, budget and resources to deliver Croydon's ambitious programme. We integrated disparate components into a single plan to address the outcomes. We established a change management framework for all staff and managers, we engaged with technology providers to sup-port mobile device management, integrating with line of business applications as well as review all staff for flexible working closely with human resources. We led internal teams and suppliers to provide a single coherent plan of delivery working closely to mitigate any risk and issues.

Delivered Digital and Business Outcomes

Flexible working for 2500 employees providing the right technology for their role type and achieving a desk:person ratio of 3:5 saving accommodation costs. Shift in culture to accommodate different ways of working by staff applying flexible working policies and regulations. Rollout of smart devices, tablets (iOS/Android) securely by deploying mobile device management as well as introducing ‘BYOD’. Delivered on time and on budget.